Searching Near a Location

You can search around a particular location, such as an address or your current location. Set the radius around the point and find any data within that circle. To search around a particular location, click on "Select Location" within the "Find Data" panel.

Search Around Me (current location)

  1. Select "Me" from the drop-down menu. For privacy reasons, the user is asked permission to access location information.

  2. Allow the browser access to your location (this data is not stored). The coordinates are estimated and the accuracy of the coordinates depends on your internet service provider. A blue circle will appear, which shows the estimated area of your current location.

  3. Select a radius, the application will use the blue dot as the starting point for your location.

    • Radius in Feet – Min (100ft) and Max (1000ft) in 100 foot increments.
    • Radius in Miles – Min (1/8mi) and Max (1mi) in 1/8th mile increments.

Geo-Location Filter

Search Around a Marker

  1. Select "Marker" from the drop-down menu; the marker icon will appear on the grid.
  2. Click on the marker icon and begin plotting markers on the map.
  3. Define the radius for the marker/s; if multiple markers are plotted on the map, the search will plot around each marker based off the radius defined.

Near Marker