An open-source geospatial situational awareness platform.

This documentation provides a wide overview of OpenGrid, from how to explore data to detailed API documentation.

Real-time and Historical spatial analysis

OpenGrid excels at providing either real-time or historical insights of event-based data. Whether it's 311 calls, crimes, 911 calls, Tweets or other data sources, if data has a time and location,

OpenGrid can be used for real-time data analysis, refreshing frequently to provide the most up-to-date information. It also allows users to reach back into time to look at past events.

Technical architecture

OpenGrid is designed to be flexible with different types of data sources. Whether it's MongoDB, a RESTful API, or other data sources, programmers can use OpenGrid's API and "service layer" to program it to work with other data sources.

Open Source

Open source gives "OpenGrid" its name. Feel free to use it, contribute to it, or change it. Just please take a look at the project's license.